——— About
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Backstory: If you've never met anyone who is equally right and left brained, then meet me! I've been mixing the creative and the technical since childhood when you could often find me assembling intricate Lego kits one minute then doing improv plays with my older sister, Alison, the next. From "engineering" bike ramps and model cars to drawing pictures and playing instruments, my early life prepared me for a profession that highly demands both technical and creative skills. I’ve been into photography ever since those childhood days, and I’ve been doing it professionally since 2007.

Present Day: I live with my incredible wife, Ashley, in Nashville, Tennessee. On any given shoot I could be doing an engagement or wedding, a fashion editorial, headshots, band/artist photos, hotels, or just exploring Nashville for my own personal enjoyment.

Approach: When working with me you can expect an easy going, cheerful attitude even in the midst of high pressure and demanding situations. I’ve become very versatile in this craft through my experience with a full spectrum of clientele.

Clients: (to name a few)
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——— Pricing
Every client’s needs are different, so pricing is ultimately dependent on several variables such as time and the desired finished product.

However, for some perspective, here are a few general starting fees:

- Photography -

Engagement Sessions:
starting at - $600

starting at - $3000

starting at - $250

Everything else (including
Videography) is TBD. Please inquire for more info.